Powder Release Agent

POWDER RELEASE AGENT Powder Release Agents are used as bond breakers when stamping and stenciling concrete. Whether you are using pattern stamping mats,,texturing skins or texture rollers release agents prevent the urethane mats and texture rollers from sticking to the concrete.Powder Release Agents are dusted over freshly placed concrete just before the initial stamping process is to begin. Powder release agent will not only act as a bond breaker for the stamps, but once the excess powder is washed off the following day, it will add a second coloring effect to the textured surface.

Flex C Ment Powder Release Agent is applied to unsealed, hardened, and stamped concrete surfaces to impart a secondary color to the surface visually enhancing its pattern and/or texture. .


Powder Release serve two important purposes: It impart subtle color contrast while acting as a bond breaker to prevent the stamping mats or skins from sticking to the concrete and disturbing the imprint texture. The best way to apply a powdered release is with a dry brush about 16-18 cm wide. Dip the brush into the bag of release and fluff it to load the bristles and coat them evenly. Then take the brush by the handle, holding it below belt level, and use your wrist to flick the release onto the surface in a light, uniform layer.

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