Wall Mix

WALL MIX This product is a lightweight cement based render specially formulated to support deep rock textures and other designs with incredible thickness on vertical surfaces.

Check for loose scaly areas such as dirt, loose paint, dust, loose concrete, etc. All loose particles must be removed. Use a good degreaser to remove grease. Mildew (or algae) can usually be removed by using bleach and a wire brush in a small area. Larger areas should be cleaned first with bleach, and then washed with a pressure sprayer.

Machine mixing
For each bag of Wall Mix (G/W) add approx 7,5 - 8 Lt of CLEAN  WATER.

Wally Mix is produced in 2 different versions; Wall Mix G and Wall Mix W.  Wall Mix W is designed for applications where high comperessive strength and water repellent is required or design wise lighter colors is specified as part of the project..

By CERAM Building Technology UK  -- CBT Reference BT07614TAS / BT07638TAS

Abrasion - Control : 361 Revs
Abrasion - After HP : 650 Revs
Abrasion - After F/T : 403 Revs

Hard Body Impact – Control    : 13
Hard Body Impact - After HP    : 10
Hard Body Impact After F/T    : 12

Find the TDS and MSDS for Wall Mix from the links below:

Download TDS
Download MSDS