Flex Seal Protector

Flex Seal Protector,This product developed for mineral structured surfaces. It is water and pure silicon resin based penetrating sealer. This product is used for Flex C Ment Wall applications as the final, protective sealer.  

Penetrates efficiently on all mineral based surfaces (i.e. concrete, mortar, auto claved- aerated concrete, and natural stone) and prevents capillary water absorption. While preventing accumulation of dirt, it also resists mildew and fungi growth on the surface.

Water based Acrylic sealer used as the final sealer to protect Wall applications.  This sealer is applied after the coloring process is complete and the application is completely dry.

Application Method
Apply without diluting with a brush or roller after removing all dust, dirt or old paint on the surface. For better protection re-apply a second coat as soon as the first coat is absorbed by the application surface. Note that the application of the second coat will result in a glossier surface.

Technical Specifications
Appearance                : Transparent – Mat
Color                           : Milky White
Solids %                      : Minimum %25 weight percent
Specific Gravity           : 1.01gr/cm3
Shelf life                      : Minimum 1year in original un-opened packaging at 25 C0 room temperature.
Flash Point                  : Non-Applicable
Drying Time                : 1 day (24 hours)
Diluting Agent/ Ratio   : Non- Applicable, Ready to use
Coverage                     : 14 – 16 m2 per 1 liter on most surfaces
Shelf life                       : Minimum 1year in original un-opened packaging at 25 C0 room temperature

Do not use or apply on frozen or frost-covered surfaces. Do not apply when ambient air or surface temperature is below freezing or expected to fall below 5°C within 4-8 hours.
Keep Flex-C-Ment™ Flex Seal Protector from freezing.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to stir this product well before use

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