Flex Seal

Flex Seal , water based, acrylic sealer used with all liquid color applications (Floors and walls).
Uses; Flex-Seal is mixed with liquid colors at various ratios (see coloring recipes) depending on the desired color intensity for both wall and floor surface coloring applications. Flex-seal and liquid color mixtures can applied by airless or air pressure sprayer, paint brush or cellulose sponge.

Flex-Seal Conforms to the following ASTM
ASTM D-1475 Weight Per Gallon 8.41
ASTM D-1653 (Moisture Vapor Transmission)
ASTM D-1849 – Heat Stability @ 120°F – Passed
ASTM D-2243 – Freeze-Thaw Stable
ASTM D-2369-93 - Solids content – 10%
ASTM D-3960 - VOC less than 50 grams per liter
ASTM E-70 – PH
ASTM E-514-74 (62 mph Wind Driven Rain Test)
ASTM G-53 – UV Stable – Excellent
Federal Specification TTP-0035 (Water Permeability, 98 mph Wind Driven Rain Test

Physical Properties
Propriety Acrylic Resin
10% Non Volatile
Appearance Wet – Milky White
Appearance Dry- Clear Satin Finish
Clean-up soap and water
Odor – Low
Shelf Life : 12 months

Do not use or apply on frozen or frost-covered surfaces. Do not apply when ambient air or surface temperature is below freezing or expected to fall below 5°C within 4-8 hours.
Keep Flex-C-Ment™ Flex Seal from freezing.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to stir this product well before use

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