Modifier 300

Modifier 300 , This Product is a polymeric additive for concrete mixes giving unique flexural qualities to concrete and cement mixes Uses Flex-C-Ment’s™ Modifier 300 is produced for cement-based mixes of concrete, mortars, plasters and stuccos to increase their bond strength, improve workability, adhesion, chemical resistance properties and freeze/thaw flexibility. Flex-C-Ment’s™ Modifier 300 is polymer agent for exterior, interior, above grade, below grade applications. Uses of Modifier 300 in Flex C Ment system is for preparation of Underlay Mix, Micro Flex, Accent Enhancer, Repair Mixes and misting Color Hardener during the floor applications

Preparing “Mixed Modifier 300” : Mix 2 parts water to 1 part Modifier 300 before adding into dry mix.

Shelf Life
12 months

IMPORTANT: Be sure to stir this product well before use.


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