Primer 100

Primer 100  This product is designed to permanently fuse cement based materials to existing sound surfaces. It adheres the fresh material to adverse surfaces such as painted, sealed, glazed or damp surfaces. It is white in appearance and dries clear. It is nonflammable, resistant to alkali attack from masonry and cement materials and VOC compliant. Flex-C-Ment™ Primer 100 may be used in interior or exterior applications and may be applied with a brush or paint roller.
Uses : Flex-C-Ment’s™ Primer bonds cement based materials to concrete, plaster, masonry, drywall, wood and various other adverse surfaces. Flex-C-Ment’s™ Primer  is used for bonding   overlays, recapping existing concrete, leveling/ correcting uneven or defaced concrete, over painted or sealed surfaces.


1. Check for loose scaly areas such as dirt, loose paint, dust, loose concrete, etc. All loose particles must be removed.
2. Use a good decrease to remove grease. Mildew (or algae) can usually be removed by using bleach and a wire brush in a small area. Larger areas should be cleaned first with bleach, and then washed with a pressure sprayer.
3. Can be applied with either brush or roller. Apply just like a thick coat of paint.

Using with Flex-C-Ment™ Overlay Mix G/W (horizontal applications)

• Install overlay as soon as Flex-C-Ment™ Primer 100 has been applied. Apply overlay while Primer 100 is still fresh.

• Surface does not have to be totally dry when applying Flex-C-Ment™ Primer. No standing water should be present.

• Tools should be cleaned immediately after use.

Using with Flex-C-Ment™ Wall Mix G/W (vertical applications)

• Apply Primer 100 using a roller. Wait until the surface is slightly sticky before installing the mix over the surface. If Primer 100 is not dry enough there is a possibility that the applied mix may slide during or shortly after the application.

• Primer 100 should be applied evenly through out the application surface, especially in humid conditions drying time required before the wall mix application may be longer then normal.

• Application surface does not have to be totally dry; Primer 100 can apply when the surface is slightly damp.

• Tools should be cleaned immediately after use.


Do not use or apply on frozen or frost-covered surfaces. Do not apply when ambient air or surface temperature is below freezing or expected to fall below 5°C within 4-8 hours.
Keep Flex-C-Ment™ Primer from freezing.
Rubber gloves are recommended while application. In case of eye contact, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water.
This product may cause eye irritation in unventilated closed areas. Use with adequate ventilation. Wash with soap and water to clean up.
Shelf Life : 12 Months

IMPORTANT: Be sure to stir this product well before use

Adhesion Perfomance Rates

Pull Off - Control       :           2613N / 1.33N/mm2

Pull Off - After HP     :           1834N / 0.93N/mm2

Pull Off - After F/T    :           2048N / 1.04N/mm2

* This test was performed according to SIST EN 1015-12 procedure at CERAM labs, United Kingdom.


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