information about products

Our company offers you innovative product in Georgia in construction sphere, particularly Decorative Concrete.

Above-mentioned product has been developed by American scientist and from the beginning was used for military airports to arrange runaway-landing line surface. From 1990s, above-mentioned technology has been used widely in civil construction in the world's leading countries.

This technology has a large area of using, particularly: in residential houses, squares, sidewalks, highways and etc. The production which is offered by us is an ecologically clean and safe to use.

Unlike other facing, decorative concrete has following advantages: customer is not limited in choosing product face (form, color), has a high durability, no deformation or alteration.


Decorative concrete’s cover embodies the visual face of other facing materials, for example: wooden material texture, different types of stone material texture and ceramic slabs texture. When purchasing above-mentioned product, you are not limited in its geometrical form and color.

Decorative concrete is also called printing concrete.
Concrete cover takes new features through specific appendages, which are:

  1. concrete surface strengthening appendage;
  2. foot anti-skid appendage;
  3. any color appendage;
  4. protective varnish of concrete top layer;
  5. waterproof isolation appendage by your will, which will extend above-mentioned product’s  continuance in exploitation further.

Decorative concrete prints on armored concrete, so it is guaranteed that product will not change geometrical form. Thickness and armoring is defined by functional purpose of the object, particularly for footpath and highways should be arranged reinforced concrete slabs of different   strength.